Quick help for lynx @ scramworks.net

This guide is aimed for people at are new to using lynx, or want a quick refresher, and to explain some of the set up here at ScramWorks.

Quick key guide

Quick jumps guide

Lynx allows the use of short cuts to preconfigured URLs via the "jumps" function. These have been configured to as closely as possible match the shortcuts configured locally in elinks. This is a brief list of some of the perhaps more useful ones is:

Further help

Differences from elinks

There are obviously numerous differences between the two clients, many of which may well depend on the capabaility of your terminal. The biggest differences at present the print functionality of Lynx which allows you to create personal bookmarks and mail web pages to yourself, but as a counterpoint the Lynx jump function is less sophisticated and flexable then Elinks smart shortcuts. Work is of course on going in trying to bring the functionality of one client to the other as long as it is achievable via standard build time options

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- 2009/02/04