is currently running both lynx version 2.8.8rel.2 with SSL support , and Elinks 0.12.pre6. Both may be accessed by either telneting to or by SSHing . Use of this client is subject to the terms and conditions shown upon login. Any abuse of this client will result in the abusing site being barred and may result in more general restrictions being applied.

Lynx and ELinks are text based web browsers that can be run on a wide variety of platforms and have a slightly different feature set, both however are still actively developed. Lynx used to be available via a variety of public lynx clients most of which seem to have fallen by the way side.

Any requests for additional features or complaints about the usage of this client should be sent to However please note that requests for help maybe either ignored or bounced to your support@name-of-your-ISP, sorry about that but the FAQ is pretty good.

If you're interested in how much use this lynx client gets there are Daily statistics, there are also web and longer term usage statistics. Speaking of longer term there is now also a history of this client as we've been running a while now.

All of that said I hope you find this useful, and would love to hear from you, if you do.