Last updated: 11th Feb 2009

We don't have much of a privacy policy, but that's mainly due to the fact that we don't collect much data and don't do much with what we do collect. Usage is logged to the extent that is required to provide useful/interesting usage statistics and to be able to combat abuse and that's it. No data is shared with any 3rd party though if required by law we will obviously provide what data we have.

What we do and don't record and what privacy you can expect

Realistically this does mean that at least on a quiet day (most of them) we could probably work out what pages you've visited and what you've mailed to yourself. This has never happened and apart from when there are problems the logs are actually rarely looked at. For those of you that are more concerned about privacy it would be worth noting that it would be very trivial to record everything you do within the browser sessions, and you're going to have to just trust us that we really can't be bothered. At least not until such a time as some one from the authorities forces us to, and then we'll try to do it badly. Likewise as this client requires no password the only security any locally saved bookmarks have depends on no one knowing/guessing your email address.